Unlocking Your Financial Future: Our Comprehensive Pension Tracing Services Explained

The fee for the Pension Tracing service is £299.

Yes, the Pension Tracing service is worth the fee for several reasons. Firstly, it provides convenience by handling all the intricate steps of the pension tracing process on your behalf, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Secondly, you receive the expertise of dedicated case handlers who not only trace pensions but also provide comprehensive reports and recommendations tailored to your situation. Additionally, the complimentary pension health check offers valuable insights into your overall retirement savings, helping you make informed decisions. Overall, the service aims to save you time and money, provide clarity, and ensure that you are in the best position concerning your pension schemes.

The free pension tracing service is carried out by our specialist pension adviser firm, however in order to qualify for this you need to be able to provide some support for the value of your pension savings and they will only provide the free service IF the value of your pension savings is over £50k.

A personal case handler will be your dedicated point of contact throughout the process. They will gather the necessary personal information, contact the Pension Tracing Service, reach out to employers, communicate with pension providers, and guide you through the online fact find on your behalf.


You can, if you have time on your hands and patience you can trace your old pensions yourself. However, this can be time-consuming and you will not have access to the systems that we do and because we have vast amounts of knowledge about the pension funds market place, we are well-placed to find your funds.  You can DIY your pension tracing, but it could mean you could miss valuable assets that you were not aware of.

The complimentary pension health check is a part of our service where our experts review your overall pension situation, assess the adequacy of your retirement savings, and provide guidance on maximising your pension benefits.
The timeframes for completing the pension tracing process may vary depending on the complexity of your case, the responsiveness of employers and pension providers, and any additional documentation required.

To begin the process, you should complete the online application, proceed to the secure payment facility to pay the fee of £299, and then provide basic information through the online fact-find

During the online fact find, you will need to provide details such as your name, date of birth, national insurance number, and relevant background details.

The service aims to expedite the pension tracing process, provide convenience, and offer professional expertise to assist clients in securing the pension information they need and making informed decisions about their financial well-being